Cost improvement in the warehouse

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Cost improvement in the warehouse

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The increase or decrease in amount (usually increase) that you cause is small. It may happen that in certain scenarios you cannot apply this technique. For example, clients that you sell a wide variety of references and they have very little storage space. In that case, don't apply it to them, but apply it to other clients. It can also happen that you have products that, due to their characteristics, you cannot apply this technique to. For example, products that the unit has a very high cost.

But I am convinced that you will have others, that you will Decision Maker Email List be able to manage with the fractionation technique and thus improve sales in picking products. how to optimize sales in picking products in Food and Beverage Distribution - PCCOM What advantages does this technique have? sale increase Normally, customers usually ask for the higher fraction (but you will also have cases in which they choose a lower fraction), but in the general calculation you will have sold more.


Cost improvement in the warehouse It allows you to have a pre-picking in the warehouse. Continuing with the previous example, we can have packages with 3 units prepared. In this way, when we prepare the orders, we can directly take those packages. It is much more efficient to carry out pre-picking work, so that each preparer extracts the necessary units.
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