отстраняване на счупена фасета за 15 секунди

Вашият опит в областта на подвижното и неподвижното протезиране
Dr.Valeri Stefanov
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отстраняване на счупена фасета за 15 секунди

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използван е борер на Комет номер 557 от каталога им с електрически микромотор
Не опитвайте този метод без кофердам

In fact if a water spray is used, it does not work! I still have to remind my assistance to NOT use her spray.

Its all a matter of Physics!! F.F.F.F
We dentists have gotten so good, we actually fool ourselves. We see and think "enamel" when we replace tooth enamel with porcelain.
We then stupidly start our porcelain veneer removal (with diamonds) as if it were real enamel and not "glass"!

I first learned my technique by accident. I was in a rush and my assistant forgot to bring me my high speed air handpiece and diamonds.
While waiting (impatiently I might add) I grabbed my slowspeed with the speed 5 to 1 increaser. I thought the 557 would not "even" work on the porcelain veneer so I leaned a little heavy on the side of the bur . ZIP BAM it glowed for a second (scared the shit out of me), before I could remove my hand the porcelain just jumped off the tooth!
I thought I was going to hell for "killing a tooth with the glow". Nothing happened, I was shocked. About a couple months later I again temped the dental gods and purposely tried it again, this time with pre-contrition prayer. Again nothing happened.

I just kept learning and perfecting the right speed and pressure "touch" for my technique over the next few months. I first believed for months it was the cement that protected the tooth from harm. I was taking a shower when an epiphany hit me! It was not the cement!!! but the porcelain itself that protected the tooth. I thought about the spaceship Challenger that blew up, because it lost it's porcelain heat shield plates. Porcelain does not allow enough heat to reach the tooth without fracture. The rest was history.

In the Name of Better Dentistry

Arthur T. Forrest D.D.S.
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